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Club Rules, Health & Safety:

The Herefordshire Land Rover Club takes the Health, Safety and Well being of our Members and Spectators seriously. We ensure this by effectively setting and enforcing the following policies.


Club Rules:

> Participation in such events is conditional to the acceptance of the rules below;

Point Minimum age of all drivers is 18 years and must hold a FULL VALID UK driving licence.

Point Not to exceed the 5MPH speed limit.

Point Observe all the SITE RULES & SIGNS such as No Entry, One Way, Keep Out, etc. Note taped areas are out of bounds, damage to personal and / or private property and / or personal injury may occur if RULES & SIGNS are ignored.

Point Abide by any Officers and Marshall's direction or guidance.

Point Ensure that all personnel carried in the vehicle, including rear passengers will, AT ALL TIMES WEAR A SEAT BELT / HARNESS, and further ensure no passenger will stand in the rear of the vehicle.

Point Will not drive in a careless or dangerous manner; be under the influence of ALCOHOL OR DRUGS whilst on the site.

Point In event of my vehicle needing recovery it is agreed that organisers or the Herefordshire Land Rover Club CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for any DAMAGE to the vehicle or INJURY to any person. Passengers may be required to leave the vehicle for safety reasons before recovery can take place.

Point The organisers RETAIN THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ENTRY to the site and to remove any vehicles and drivers off site.

Point The organisers and landowner are absolved from ANY LIABILITY arising from accidents causing personal damage or injury, including DEATH to persons or equipment partaking in this activity.


Terms Of Joining:

> Joining the club is conditional to the acceptance of the terms below;

Point To Join the Club or participate in the Club's off-road events and fun days YOU DO NOT NEED to present Road Tax or Insurance for your vehicle if it is being transported by trailer.

Point To enter the vehicle you have driven to the Club's off-road events and fun days YOU DO NEED to present Road Tax and Insurance as required by law.

Point Please note in all events YOUR NORMAL INSURANCE WILL NOT COVER YOU for such off-road events in much the same way road cars are not covered for track day experiences.

Point To participate in Green Lane Days your 4X4 needs to have a valid MOT and be taxed with fully comprehensive insurance.

Point If you are participating in any club events YOU WILL BE COVERED by the Club's Public Liability Insurance upon the signed returned entry form / contract at each event before commencing. This form / contract can be obtained from the Club Safety Officer or Club Chairman at the event.

Point In all cases the Herefordshire Land Rover Club recommends that you check with your insurer before entering your vehicle into any club event including fun days and Green Lanes.


Health & Safety:

Using the legislation and guidelines set out by the HSE, the Health & Safety Executive, the Herefordshire Land Rover Club has dedicated and trained Members whom can prevent, respond & manage health and safety issues before, during and after they arise.

More information on this section will be added in the future. In the meantime if you have any queries then please contact the Club Safety Officer from the Contact Us page here >>
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